Valorant is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and produced by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows.

Initially announced in October 2019 under the name Project A, the title was released in beta version for selected users on April 7, 2020, with plans for final distribution on June 2 of the same year.

Game modes

Valorant is a tactical shooter that sees two teams of five players take control of different characters, which differ in characteristics and skills. Before the start of each round, the player is provided with a variable amount of credits, with which equipment consisting of firearms and skills, which vary according to the chosen agent. Purchased items remain with the player until they are consumed or the character dies. The credits vary according to the statistics obtained in the various rounds (kills, assists…).

Not competitive

In the classic mode of the video game, the objective is to place an explosive (spike) in one of the sites on the map (which can be A, B or C) and ensure its detonation or prevent it, depending on the team’s role of which you are a part. Matches are divided into 12 rounds of defense and offense, with up to 25 fights per match. The first team to win 13 rounds wins


In Competitive mode, a match is played exactly as if it were a normal match, with the addition of a ranking: once the player has played five placement matches, they will get their rank. In July 2020, the game sees the addition of a condition for competitive matches: instead of playing a single round if the match reaches 12-12, the two teams in extra time will alternate playing turns on offense and defense, until a team claims victory if they have a two-round lead (bo2). Each overtime round gives players the same amount of money to purchase weapons and skills. After finishing a round in offense and defense, the players of the two teams can decide whether to end the game in a draw; the prerequisite is a vote of 6 players after the first set, 3 after the second and only one for the last.

Spike Assault

In Spike Assault mode, the first team to win 4 rounds wins the game, up to a maximum of 7. Equipment will be automatically provided each round, and each attacker carries a bomb. Power-Up Orbs are found throughout the map and can be used to provide your team with tactical opportunities.


Deathmatch mode consists of 12 players, who must face off against each other in order to reach 40 kills first. In this case, the specific skills of each character will not be present, but everyone will have a choice of all the weapons available in the game and will be able to change their inventory following each death.


Agents are the playable characters in Valorant. Each character is placed into one of four different classes or types and has a unique contract. The class that agents are placed in reflects their skill set and play style. There are four classes:

  • Controllers, experts at dividing and maneuvering territories and setting up their team for success;
  • Assassins, self-sufficient agents from whom the team expects, through their skills, a direct search for confrontation with the other agents;
  • Initiators, agents who manage to analyze or clear territories for their team to appropriate;
  • Sentinels, expert defenders who can keep tabs on areas, and watch their team’s back, in both offense and defense rounds.

New Agents are usually (but not always) released with the unveiling of new Acts or new Episodes.


On Metacritic website, the game holds an average score of 83 out of 100, indicating a “generally favorable” reception.

Valorant has been compared to Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch for its hero shooter characteristics and to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for its gameplay and tactical elements.

The video game was received with interest from the public. On the first day after the initial beta deployment, Valorant live streaming content on the platform achieved a total of 12.2 million hours of views, setting a new record for the site.

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